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Are you a leader and a team player?

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Being a coach and trainer for WOW Academy trains me to be the best person and leader in the areas of my life that are important to me.

I live a great life and feel great most of the time. When I don’t, I have this team to support me to distinguish what’s in my way, to remain unstoppable in love, freedom and happiness.

This team allows me to stay aligned with our vision of making a difference for millions of people in the World of Winners to DREAM BIG and PLAY BIG.

Growth and evolution are my design for living, it’s my oxygen and I am committed that other people live the same way in their businesses, families, friends and communities.”

Anita Evans - Yulcoach

Our programs

Whether you are a business owner or a future coach; these two training programs are designed to get you to the next level.

High Speed Performance Program

Would creating or accomplishing a project in your personal or professional life be important to you? Would being more efficient, satisfied, productive, and determined in accomplishing your objectives make a difference for you?

Here are the benefits of taking this program and training with us:

  • Master empowering conversations
  • Transform your listening skills
  • Meet your fixed objectives
  • Improve teamwork
  • Make your teammates accountable
  • Obtain financial freedom
  • Manage your budget differently
  • Generate financing
  • Take vacation
  • Have time for family
  • Self care
  • Realize your dreams


This program is given for 1 hour a week over 15 weeks.

Coach Academy Program

Are you ready to learn how to create and manage your business with power and freedom?

Here are the benefits of taking this program and training with us:

  • Create your business
  • Serve your clients well
  • Ask the right questions
  • Manage your ego
  • Put yourself in the other person's world
  • Listen efficiently
  • Respect your commitments
  • Stay focused on your mission and vision


This program is given for 1 hour a week for 25 weeks.


Top 2 questions asked:

    • To be a certified WOW Academy coach, there are 2 programs to take: the High Speed Performance and Coach Academy Training Programs. The High Speed Performance is 15 hours, 1 hour per week for 15 weeks and Coach Training is 25 hours, 1 hour per week for 25 weeks. This totals 40 hours.
    • Yes. You decide who you coach and what your niche is. We have coaches in all different domains of coaching. Our objective is about giving you the tools through distinctions to be able to coach anybody.

Do You Have What It Takes?

You have a good experience in the area of business and wish to share your knowledge? Communicate with us to know more on WOW Academy: 514.996.2222